10 Habits of Happy People


How people stay happy

1. Happy People Dream

Where your mind goes, your reality follows. This is why the happiest people we know are often the biggest dreamers; they take themselves to a place where their dreams are already coming true, putting them in the most positive possible state of mind.

2. They Treat Others How They Wish To Be Treated

Have you ever gossiped about, judged or been rude towards another person? We have all been guilty of this at some time or another; it doesn’t feel great does it?

Being mean or turning a blind eye to others suffering often costs us far more energy than being nice ever does.

So choose to be nice! Treat everyone around you with the same respect and kindness that you would hope to receive. You’ll feel instantly better for it.

3. They Forgive

Happy people understand that resentment can be like poison; it can have an utterly debilitating impact on a person’s life, affecting them mentally, physically and spiritually.

Why let someone that may have wronged or hurt you continue to hold their power over you? Learn to forgive. Let go of grudges.

4. They Say ‘Thank-You’

It cannot be emphasized enough! An attitude of gratitude can completely transform your entire life outlook and happiness. Happy people tend to focus on all of the things that they are most thankful for. So, no matter what their external circumstances, by always looking for the things they appreciate most they are able to maintain a happiness that others can only envy.

5. They Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

A happy person can often benefit from the power of perspective.

When something does go wrong in their life or they come up against an obstacle, rather than lose their mind over it they may ask: ‘will this matter to me in 5 years time?

6. They Live In The Now

Happiness could be defined as a lack of guilt over the past and worry for the future. Basically, the happiest people in the world are often those that can truly be in the present moment.

Each moment is a gift! Make the most of this.

7. They Surround Themselves With Other Happy People

It’s true what they say; we are who we surround ourselves. Our energies and the energies of those that surround us are continually impacting how we feel and our outlook on life.

So, do you want to surround yourself with people that support and uplift you? Or people that criticise and doubt you? It’s an easy enough choice, but surprisingly not everyone makes the right decision.

8. Happy People Love Themselves

How can we ever expect to become the love that we wish to see in the world, without loving ourselves first? Think of yourself as a receptacle for love! You have to be full to overflowing with it before you can share it with others.

People that never seek the approval of others and are perfectly at ease with who they are authentically are often the happiest. Treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve and the world can do the same.

9. They Accept Things For What They Are

When you are able to accept things for what they are, you don’t necessarily have to agree with them but simply be at peace with them. Do this and you’ll experience a freedom like never before.

Acceptance means the absence of all resistance. It is a state that allows us to think clearly and more positively, enabling us to take better control of what internal and external factors we do have power over.

10. They Are Never Anything But Themselves

Last but not least, the happiest people are often those that live an authentic life.

True happiness is getting to the bottom of who you truly are and being at peace with whatever they may be. It is a life-long process, but for as long as you are living your truth and what feels real to you! You can still always be happy.

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